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Mr. Thul's third graders make some creepy crawly new friends

In Mr. Thul's third grade class at Fair Oaks, watch where you step! Students are learning about the scientific process by observing beetles and crayfish.

The beetles joined class about three weeks ago, and the crayfish became the room's newest inhabitants two weeks later. By observing the critters, the class has learned to pose and answer questions and make hypotheses. They've also learned about the habitats required for sustaining life.

What's most important when taking care of classroom pets? Mr. Thul says it's using the theme that "Fair Oaks CARES": treating the critters with cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy and self control. Way to go, third graders!

A Fair Oaks student sits at a desk with beetles on it
Fair Oaks students look at crayfish on a desk
A young student holds up beetles on a stick
A Fair Oaks student holds a beetle
A  young student holds a crayfish
Fair Oaks students hold crayfish and beetles